Monday, February 2, 2009

My First Blog Award

I received my first blog award over the weekend from my wonderful and dear friend Susan. Susan and I "met" about two and a half years ago when I joined one of her swaps on Papercrafts message board. We started swapping together, then e-mailing each other fairly often, then talking on the phone. We have yet to meet in person, but we usually talk on the phone once every week or two for anywhere from two to four hours. I consider her one of my very best friends. You should take a minute to check out Susan's blog. She is really creative and does beautiful cards.

I also got the same award from Christy. Christy is just about one of the cutest people I have ever come across. She recently started hanging out with us in the Papercrafts community at Creating Keepsakes online. She makes me laugh and she is really a breath of fresh air - even though she does make me feel like an old lady. You should check out Christy's blog too. She does cute cards and she's just bubbly and fun.

Thanks Christy and Susan!

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ant me. said...

And you DO deserve a DOUBLE award!!